All roles have been filled.

Thank you for your interest in our latest project,  but we

are no longer accepting applications. All roles have

been filled.

                                    ABOUT THE FILMMAKERS

Ray and Migdalia Etheridge  have been making low budget features, shorts,

and documentaries for a number of years.  Many of their films can be seen

on a variety of streaming platforms such as TubiTV, Plex, Amazon, and many

others.  Ray and Migdalia are the entire "crew", sharing all duties equally.

See our IMDB credits if you'd like (click here).  By the way, we are both  vaccinated and have been double boosted.



"GHOSTS DON'T WEAR NAME TAGS",  a Drama/Thriller,  will be shot  entirely green screen in the Etheridge home in Palm Bay.  (Check out a clip from our last green screen film by clicking the menu at the top of the page). Synopsis: Ted and Mary buy a haunted house just for the fun of it, but nobody seems to know who the ghost is, or what it looks like.  Proposed running time is 25 minutes, and it will be a PG-13.  There are 4 Saturday/Sunday shoot days, but many roles only require 1-day of work.


Actors receive $125 per day.  You will provide your own simple  wardrobe. For all actors and actresses, NO PIERCING, NO VISIBLE TATTOOS.  Women should arrive on set "camera ready" with hair and makeup already done. Clothes can be changed after you arrive. We will do the men's makeup for them. Characters are as follows:

TED BOYLE -  Works 2 days. Age 25-50.  Ted and his wife Mary buy a haunted house "on purpose" for adventure and excitement.  The house is huge, but in bad need of repair. They will fix it as an investment.  Lots of dialogue. Shoot dates July 16-17.

MARY BOYLE - Works 4 days. Age 25-50.  Mary is just as excited as Ted to be living in a haunted house. Feminine but not afraid to get her hands dirty.  Lots of dialogue. Shoot dates July 16-17, 23-24

REAL ESTATE AGENT -  Works 1 day.  Age 30-60. Sells Ted and Mary their haunted house.  A little shady, he/she will say anything to make a sale. Moderate dialogue.  Shoot date July 16

WILLIAM FLANNIGAN -  Works 1 day.  Age 30-60. Ted's lawyer who once helped him with a business deal that turned bad.  Ethical. Lots of dialogue.  Shoot date July 24

LEAD DETECTIVE - Works 1 day. Age 35-60. Clean cut professional. His/her men are looking for Ted, who turns up missing.  Not much dialogue.  Shoot date July 23

ROBERT BOTKIN (aka the "MAN") - Works 1 day.  Age 25-50.  Very small role with not much dialogue.  He once owned part of a copper mine with Ted. Humble hard worker. Described as "baby faced" in the script. Not much dialogue. Shoot date July 17

AGNES -  Works 2 days.  Age 30-60.  Ted and Mary's cook and housekeeper.  She is polite, professional, and addresses her employer with respect.  Substantial dialogue.  Shoot dates July 23-24

Please note that we do not need any "extras". Please do not apply for any role other that those posted above.

                                         HOW TO APPLY

All roles have been filled.