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    1pm and 3pm


    In the historic I.O.O.F. building

        75 S. Nehalem Street

    Clatskanie, Oregon 97016


                 The Clatskanie Indie Film Festival



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    August 17, 2019



    See our program schedule for films and show times.




    We are often asked where the films come from, and who are the filmmakers.The films were made by aspiring filmmakers of all ages and experience levels, from all over the U.S.  Many were produced by college students, and other films were made to "audition" various skills such as cinematography, editing, acting, or screenwriting. Budgets range from "zero" dollars, to many thousands of dollars. Some of the films were shot in a day, and others took months to finish.  Some were shot on cell phones, and others were shot on cameras that cost more than a Lexus. But regardless of the budget or available resources, what all filmmakers share in common is a genuine love of the creative process.  Most of all, they would like to have you come and see what they have created.  We've made that easy to do.  All shows are absolutely FREE to watch.  No admission!  

    We are currently updating the website.

       Please check back for the schedule

       August 1st.


    Watch the promo below