Oct 15-16, 2023

Franklin T. Degroodt Public Library

6475 Minton Road

Palm Bay, FL 32908




What is a film festival?

     If you had a great idea for a movie and you needed to hire a writer, actors, and a director to put it all together, you would need to see samples of their work.  That is precisely what short indie films are all about.  They are "audition" reels for the people who made them.  Virtually everyone working on major TV shows and movies began their career working on short films...usually for free.


The 15 MINUTES OF FAME film festival screens short films made by aspiring filmmakers from all over the U.S.   We have a panel of 5 judges who grade each entry on its camera work, editing, sound quality, acting, script, and direction.  Films with the highest scores are included in our festival, and compete for awards in numerous categories.  We show everything from comedy to thrillers, as well as documentaries, animation,  commercials,  and public service spots. 


This is our 14th year, and our 23rd festival.   We are extremely excited about our show, which will screen some terrific films. Something for all tastes.  People who have been to film festivals before will tell you that you will see films that are, at very least,  either amusing, informative, or educational...maybe all three.   If you've never been to a film festival before, give it a try. You have nothing to lose...admission is FREE.


Unlike many film festivals, we do NOT charge an admission nor do we ask for donations.  Admission is absolutely FREE, and no reservations are required.  Navigate our menu at the top of the page for films and show times.










Ray and Migdalia Etheridge. Golden West Films